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Native Plant Garden
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Native Plant Demonstration Garden

Our Native Plant Garden serves as a demonstration of how planting native species can reduce water and maintenence costs. These species of plants are native to our area so they are more drought-tolererant than other plants commonly used in landscaping. By utilizing these plants and their adaptation to our environment, you can help conserve water and support habitats for native species such as the monarch butterfly. 

Native Plant Species


Black Eyed Susan

Trailing Purple Lantana

Rusty Blackhaw Viburnum

Purple Coneflower

Side Oats Grama



Flame Acanthanus

Dwarf Texas Sage

Texas Redbud

Texas Star Hibiscus

Butterfly Weed

Dakota Gold

Texas Fall Aster

Copper Canyon Daisy

Wax Myrtle

Yaupon Holly

Chile Pequin

Mexican Bush Sage

Blackfoot Daisy

Grancy Graybeard

Texas Gulf Muhly


Turks Cap

America Beautyberry



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