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Tyler Against Graffiti (TAG)

Tyler Against Graffiti (TAG) was organized to clean up and discourage graffiti "taggers" from vandalizing residential and commercial property in the City of Tyler.  The TAG Team's goal is to clean up or paint over graffiti within 72 hours of receiving  a report (weather permitting) at no charge to the owner or manager of the property.


The City of Tyler Ordinance on Code Enforcement, Ch 18, sect. 18-3, designates graffiti as a nuisance.  This means that it is a crime to paint graffiti on public or private property in the City Limits. The same ordinance requires property owners are supposed to paint over or remove graffiti within 15 days or face possible ticketing and fines.

Tips on Prevention

Studies show that immediate removal results in a nearly zero rate of reoccurrence. Here are some ways to deter or prevent graffiti:

  • Upkeep -- keep buildings clean, neat and litter free to show someone cares about the building.
  • Control Access -- Plant shrubs or thorny plants next to building; improve lighting; use fences and rails to prevent access.
  • Increase Security -- install security cameras; organize a Crime Watch or Business Watch; hire a security guard and share the cost with other businesses.
  • Clean up quickly -- paint over or clean up graffiti quickly to show vandals that you don't want their "tags" on your property; this also shows other criminals that someone is watching the property.
Report Graffiti

If your property (commercial or residential) is vandalized by someone painting graffiti, please report it to the Tyler Police Department. To access their online reporting system, Click Here. You may call (903) 531-1000 to file a police report.



If you see graffiti as you are going about your day in Tyler, please please call (903) 535-TAG2 or email TAG. Leave a detailed message with the location, block number and street.

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