Litter Facts and Waste Reduction Tips

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Litter Facts and Waste Reduction Tips
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Why Litter is a Big Deal

Some may think that litter isn't that big of an issue, however litter has a direct impact on the health of our environment and community.

  • Litter and debris attract rodents and insects to the area which leads to the spread of disease.
  • Old spare tires can fill with water, creating a breeding ground for misquitos.
  • Lit cigarettes can easily spark large fires, placing the community in danger.
  • Littered glass can become very dangerous to children and animals in the area.
  • Small packages are easy for animals to try to consume and choke on or be poisoned by.
  • Cigarette butts are also toxic to small children and animals.
  • Billions of dollars of tax payers money goes to cleaning up litter each year, think about how else we could use that money to benefit our communities.
How to Reduce Your Waste

A large problem we don't often think about is the huge amount of waste that we produce. The average American produces about 4 pounds of waste a day! Below are tips on how to reduce the amount of waste you create.

  • Learn to compost at home! It is super simple and can make your flower bed happier and healthier! It is as simple as throwing that banana peel into a compost bucket instead of the trash can. Here's a link with some more infromation on composting ->
  • Spring cleaning? Instead of throwing anything away, first see if you can donate your items or even hold a garage sale. One mans trash is another man's treasure!
  • When cleaning the house, try to use reusable cloths, mops, sponges, and rags. Each paper towel contributes to the waste we produce.
  • BUY GREEN! While recycling everything you can is very important, recycling is a market and depends on you to buy products made from recycled materials. Check labels for the words "Made from post-consumer materials".
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