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Paint Collection Day
Paint Collection Day

Keep Tyler Beautiful and the City of Tyler Solid Waste Department host a Paint Collection Day every other year thanks to a pass-through grant from the East Texas Council of Governments. During this Paint Collection Day, Tyler residents can bring any used, old, or unwanted latex or oil-based paint to be disposed of properly. Paint is considered a hazardous household waste and it cannot be disposed of in the same manner as other waste. 

This collection event is free to Tyler residents. Residents just need to bring a valid water bill and license as proof of residency. 

The 2018 Paint Collection Day is May 19th from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (noon).

The 2018 Paint Collection Day is held in the Solid Waste employee parking lot just south of the Tyler Recycle Center at 418 Bois D'Arc Ave. This lot is highlighted below in yellow. 



Latex and oil-based paints are accepted.

The Solid Waste Department is asking that residents not bring epoxy or aerosol paints.


Safety Tips for Transporting Hazardous Waste to the Event:

-Bring paint in its original containers with a label if possible.

-Make sure the container is sealed so it doesn’t leak in your car.

-If the container leaks, put it in a larger container and use an oil absorbing product such as “Oil Dry” or cat litter to soak up spills.

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